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U.S. Steel: Natural gas process will soon replace coke | Metro

Technology both gaining ground and still in development will largely remove the need for the coal-based fuel in making high-quality steel, they say. That is important in the wake of U. S. Steel’s decision last week to end steel and iron making in Hamilton because the plant and.

Source: Metro News

Blast Furnace

Check us out at Blast Furnace Modern furnaces are equipped with an array of supporting fa...

Questions of Customers

pgpanikkar2003 pgpanikkar2003 says:
what is the quality of good coal suitable for injection to a blast furnace?What is its price?
coal is injected in to an iron making blast furnace to reduce the coke consumption.High volatile content is prefered but,I woold like to know the deatiled specification and names of probable suppliers.
Akhilesh Patel says:
anthracite is the best coal available in world and ofcourse in India too. less volatile content is preferred. There are many suppliers everywhere. You must to submit the name of place you need...
triad_1028 triad_1028 says:
What material is a blast furnace made of?
In the process of melting iron ore, what material is the blast furnace or the crucible (on a smaller scale) made of? Wouldn't the container have to be a stronger metal with a higher melting point than the contents within it? The same question...
ChrisP says:
Molten metals of all kinds are contained in materials that are best described as ceramics: Either pure ceramic materials, or carbon-bonded ceramics. The lining materials are selected to have a...

Latest news

Pop City From SkyZone to the Carrie Furnace, fun places for kids in the Burgh
The Carrie Furnaces are rare examples of pre-World War II iron-making technology. Since the collapse of the region's steel industry in the 1970s and 1980s, these structures are the only non-operative blast furnaces in the Pittsburgh area that remain
Balanced View on U.S. Steel
The company envisions repairs and maintenance costs to rise sequentially in the fourth quarter at its Flat-rolled segment due to blast furnace reline at Gary Works and blast furnace maintenance at Fairfield Works. Moreover, U.S. Steel expects to take a

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Nov. 13, 1863: Tredegar hiring
“Wanted – 1,000 Negroes. – We wish to hire for the year 1864, one thousand negroes, to be employed at the Tredegar Iron Works, Richmond, and at our Blast Furnaces in the counties of Rockbridge, Botetourt, and Alleghany, and Collieries in Goochland ...
Use of charcoal in blast furnace operations
Constantine 1 states that "under modern conditions charcoal can be as economic and efficient as coke for smelting iron ore in a standard blast furnace subject only to the provisions of adequate supply of raw materials." At the same time, several of the ...
Supply Blast Furnace Tapping Machine
initial equipment selection and purchasing agreements were made with Zhanjiang Project of Shanghai Iron and Steel Corp, and Cheng Fanggang Project of Wuhan Iron and Steel Corp. etc. Of the blast furnace equipment, our HYKD series rock drilling machine was ...


Iron Making Course - Blast Furnace - Scribd
Iron Making Course - Blast Furnace - Download as Text file (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or view presentation slides online.
blast - Scribd
BLAST FURNACE IRON MAKING INTRODUCTION. It is evident therefore that the blast furnace process remains the dominating iron making route for providing the raw ...
Iron Making in Mini Blast Furnace (MBF) - Refractory Lining ...
The Blast Furnace ironmaking process had, until recently, been the unchallenged method of making hot metal on a large scale. Till 1990, the blast furnace ...
Iron which the world most important metal is produced by a process in blast furnace the raw material which is used to produce the iron is called the iron ore which is ...
pittsburgh pa carrie urbanexploring urbex blastfurnace urbexing
Urbexin' That's urban exploring, and boy is it fun. This adventure took me to Pittsburgh's Carrie Blast Furnace, located along the Monongahela River. About: Towering 92 feet over the Monongahela River, constructed...
Photo by thekellyscope on Flickr

ruins furnace blast tahawus andyarthur
This massive blast furnace was built in 1854, as part of a speculative effort to mine iron up in Tahawus. However, due to the railroad never making it up this far, and due to wilderness conditions, it was abandoned...
Photo by andyarthur on Flickr

heritage industry canal leicestershire moira grade2 listedbuilding ashbycanal moirafurnace northwestleicestershire
The Moira Furnace is an iron making blast furnace located Moira, north west Leicestershire. It was built in 1804 by the Earl of Moira and is a grade 2 listed building (ref: 1074335).
Photo by rambler1977 on Flickr

Iron making furnace in blast
Iron making furnace in blast
How A Blast Furnace Works
How A Blast Furnace Works
Furnace in Blast
Furnace in Blast
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